Jordan Space Research Initiative 

A brief history

The Jordan Moon Village team was formed in July 2020 under the Moon Village Association's Participation of Emerging Space Countries (PESC) program. Through the PESC project, they created a roadmap for Jordan's participation in lunar exploration over the next 20+ years. The building blocks for this roadmap were chosen based on the priorities identified in the preliminary roadmap for Jordan’s implementation of the UN Space2030 Agenda, which was created by our founder at the International Space University and presented at the International Astronautical Congress in 2020. Our roadmap focuses on the creation of an analog research facility in Jordan, and includes 7 main research areas that will build on Jordan's national priorities and contribute to future space exploration. 

Where we are today

JSRI was created in November 2020 to carry out the Jordan PESC roadmap and engage fellow Jordanians while contributing to lunar exploration. With the objective of eventually establishing an analog facility in Jordan where simulations of space missions can be carried out and future space technologies can be tested under conditions that imitate space environments, our aim is to stimulate space R&D in Jordan in a way that benefits life on Earth and aligns with sustainable development and Jordan’s national priorities and capabilities.